About Nicky Weelen - Freelance copywriter

words that mean business

There’s a whole lotta substance behind those pretty prose and tongue-tangling turns of phrase.

Copywriting is about more than sounding good.

It’s about selecting words that inspire action, phrases that excite emotion and stories that convert strangers into strong brand advocates. It’s about choosing words that will help you to achieve your business goals. And importantly, those that offer a return on the investment you make.


I come from a business background. In customer service, in corporate finance, in the construction industry and communications. I even managed a crazy golf course for one crazy summer! And now with nearly 10 years’ copywriting under my belt, I can see how the variety of my experience has given me unique insights to bring to the table.

Along the way, I’ve learned what makes us tick. What motivates people to act, to buy, to engage and to support small businesses like yours (and mine!). That means I can support you to work out what your audience looks like, and how (and where!) you should speak to them for best results.

With training in business, marketing, copywriting and SEO, I’ll look at your project through the lens of buyer psychology, bringing in creative and technical expertise too. And my working style? I like to say it’s collaborative – listening closely, asking a ton of questions and checking in with you every step of the way.

What can I help you with?

Maybe it’s a website that acts as your shop window to the world, a blog with articles that build trust and authority, or case studies that show off your competence in a particular area. Let’s give your brand a boost with words that mean business.

Which words would make your small business shine bright? Take a look at my freelance copywriting services.


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