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Actually please don’t (I am millennial-ish after all!)

That said, it would be great to hear from you. So, how about we try one of these methods below? 😉

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*DISCLAIMER: I am A UK copywriter currently based in Germany

Those with eagle eyes will have noticed the +49 in front of my number. So let me tell you a story…

In 2020, having freelanced as a copywriter in Bristol for a good few years, we had the opportunity to move to Germany with my husband’s job. So we jumped at the chance (kinda!).

We thought my client base would reduce and I’d have to start from scratch. But things didn’t go quite the way we expected. 6 weeks into our new adventure the pandemic struck.

The bad news? We were stuck a long way from home for a long time.

The good news? Lockdown taught us all that working together online was perfectly possible. So I got to continue working with all the lovely clients I’d built such great relationships with.

Fast forward to today and I still have a few of those Bristol copywriting clients, as well as others new and old scattered around the UK and beyond. So no matter where you’re based, it’s no barrier to working together.

And in fact, if you aspire to work on an international scale, a native English speaking copywriter, who is used to working across cultures, could be just the ticket you need.

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